Once Upon A Time...

Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest.jpg

So incredibly excited to join the cast of Pinna Audio’s new podcast, Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest!

Episode 1 is now live on Apple Podcasts and can be found at: https://itunes.apple.com/…/grimm-grimmer-grim…/id1436651521…. The cast is super talented and incredibly fun to listen to!

New episodes launch October 21st, with one new episode released every day until Halloween! 👻 The podcast is great for kids, teachers, the young at heart, or anyone who is looking for something to listen to on their commute! Listen and subscribe now! 🎧

Gotta Catch Em All


So incredibly excited to join the Pokemon family!

The scene: An ungodly 8:00 AM on a Saturday morning. A young girl jumps out of bed and turns on the television while her parents still sleep to watch one of her generation’s favorite cartoons of the time: Pokémon.

Cut to present day. The same girl, now older, turns on the DVR and watches the same show of her childhood with just as much eagerness. Only this time, she’s in it.

I had so much fun squealing and squeeing over Ilima and his Eevee! This has always been a dream of mine and I’m so grateful for the amazing opportunity and for helping to make it come true! Catch it on Disney XD! Go, go Ilima go!

Shake The Room!

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Incredibly excited to be a part of the Boomerang Theatere Company's 20 year celebration of Shakespeare performances! 

Shake The Room is part game show, part celebration and highlights scenes from 18 different Shakespeare productions. But the audience controls the action, picking from a “menu” what they want to see next and maybe even adding their own spin…!  All proceeds benefit Boomerang's Shakespeare programs in New York City. Tickets can be purchased here: https://boomerangtheatre.givezooks.com/events/temporary-name

Ocean's 8 Premiere


Last year, I was on a closed set with the amazing Sandra Bullock, director Gary Ross (Hunger Games), producer Mike Tadross (pictured), and some of the best crew members in the industry. Last night, I got to watch myself on the big screen at the Ocean’s 8 premiere! So so grateful for the opportunity and honored to be a part of this extremely fun film! Dreams do come true! Go see Ocean’s 8!

Dreams Come True


There were a couple years recently where I stopped going to EPAs. I was focusing more on voice over and film work, and even though my background is in theater, I had this gnawing anxiety that it was pointless. I was an EMC, which helped get me seen, but not enough, and on top of that I’m not a musical theater person, so the auditions I wanted to go to were always super crowded with Equity, non-union, and EMCs a like. More often than not I left feeling annoyed and dejected that I had just spent a whole day sitting in a room with other hopeful and eager actors, for essentially nothing. That’s the business, but it doesn’t mean it sucks any less.

Well, years of hearing “I’m sorry but we are currently not seeing EMCs or non-union today” have paid off! Today, I am a proud member of Actor’s Equity! No excuses now. It’s time to get to work.