Dreams Come True


There were a couple years recently where I stopped going to EPAs. I was focusing more on voice over and film work, and even though my background is in theater, I had this gnawing anxiety that it was pointless. I was an EMC, which helped get me seen, but not enough, and on top of that I’m not a musical theater person, so the auditions I wanted to go to were always super crowded with Equity, non-union, and EMCs a like. More often than not I left feeling annoyed and dejected that I had just spent a whole day sitting in a room with other hopeful and eager actors, for essentially nothing. That’s the business, but it doesn’t mean it sucks any less.

Well, years of hearing “I’m sorry but we are currently not seeing EMCs or non-union today” have paid off! Today, I am a proud member of Actor’s Equity! No excuses now. It’s time to get to work.